Monday, April 18, 2011

Westminster Week 41

So this week has been pretty crazy not because of all the distractions we had. the tread on my tires are getting pretty thin and I didn’t have sealant in my tires so I got like 5  flat tires but I put sealant in them and have plans to get new treads. Elder hunt also snapped a shifting cable that we couldn't fix so had to spend some time on a busy Saturday to get it fixed. We also had doctor’s checkups for elder hunt and were both kind of getting allergies. We’ve both been kind of slowed down. But this still has been a pretty good week. I did get a ton a work on our records while in the waiting room at the doctor’s appointment and even talked to this really nice old lady about our church and gave out a book of Mormon to some people we met on the way out! That was pretty productive.  
So essentially not much happened this week besides the package that you guys sent arrived on Wednesday. Thank you so much for all the treats those were actually my dinner the other night, ha-ha. So I don’t have much else to add. Your guys are great and hope you have a great week!
~Elder Peterson

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