Monday, April 11, 2011

Westminster Week 40

Hello Everyone!
Just so you know i had a pretty good birthday. it was really just a normal day but we had dinner at the bishops house and they made steak and even made a cake that was nothing but chocolate covered in Oreo cookies. The cake was pretty good and it now sits in a tupper-ware container on my desk and i continue to pick at it during studies. that was pretty much my birthday.
so right now I'm trying to make a backup copy of all my pictures so that i can mail one of my memory cards home. hope it works! Anyway, this week we had alot of success in terms of getting people to sacrament meeting. it wasn't until we got to church until i realised how many people I said i would be saving a seat for haha. the meeting started and soon our newest investigator family and her kids kids mad it in then we saw a part member family followed by a less active member with his granddaughter who hasn't been to church in like 40 years and then another lady we have been working with who also needed support. i was pretty overwhelmed with all the people i wanted to run and help after sacrament meeting but Elder hunt and i split up in the chapel and soon everyone knew were where they need to go. it was a great day and hopefully we see them all again next week.
So here's some cool news! I was reading our mission news letter and saw a baptism performed by the "Parkwood Elders". i read the name a recognised it as one of the younger boys that i was teaching up in Fort Collins! his name was Damion and his mom was a recent convert and we were doing weekly lessons with there family before i left. It was even that family that we tracted into that day me and Elder shearer started tracking and both felt we were on the wrong street. After a quick prayer we were guided down the block and around the corner to their house before the ward had even gotten their records. we were definitely guided by the spirit. that was such cool news. Way to go Damion!
Well thanks for all the happy birthdays! have a great week!

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