Monday, April 4, 2011

Westminster Week 39

Hello world!
So everyone heard the news right!? Temple in Fort Collins!! Oh my goodness i got so excited when i heard that. i couldn't even pay enough attention to write down the other two temples. The twenty other  people in the stake center probably got a little annoyed because me and another Elder were both talking about how awesome it would be to be in Fort Collins right then. (and if you don't know Fo-Co was my first and only other area.) Well although all us missionaries will never see it finished in our mission I'm still so excited for all those great members up there. I've heard members joke about there being a temple there soon but i always thought it wouldn't be for a very long time. What a blessing for all those great people! 
Well this week has been fun biking around. we had to bike like 7 miles over hills to our district meeting and i totally got a flat going too fast and hitting a curb (my bunny hop could use some work). anyway it was a flat that bro sears actually warned me of during biking high adventure, called a snake bite. Caused by a slightly flat tire and your rim making two corresponding slits on the inside of the tube. i felt smart for remembering that seeing that it was like 4 years ago. well my leg muscles are finally catching up to how fast i want to go and we're beginning to make good time even with all the hills. life is great. 
Well i loved general conference because i definitely received revelation for myself and for my investigators, i just got so much out of it! i love the general authorities and they are definitely inspired. we had investigators attend too that i think got the message they really needed. its just so cool how our church is set up and that were blessed be living prophets. i hope everyone had a great week! i love you all and i thank everyone for their prayers and all the other great things you have all done for me. thank you!  

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