Monday, March 28, 2011

Westminster Week 38

Hello Everyone!!
I read all your emails and i want to see if a cant answer all your questions in my first email this week. BUT FIRST i have to tell about transfers. so we got the call on Saturday night and found out that Elder hunt and i will be saying our car!!!!! President Ely decided to change us to full time biking missionaries. unfortunately this is going to be a strange biking area because it is practically 1 mile wide and 10 miles long, like no joke. i pulled out a rule and measured. so we live at one end of this giant snake area and will have the joy of biking all the way to the other end. I'm actually kinda excited to get physically active though.
The weather here has been pretty great. it didn't snow at all during march and i never wore a coat. it actually snowed a little last night but its all melted and warm again so still no coat. Every ones hoping for snow because were in such a drought but now i would prefer warmer weather. Members keep feeding us and life continues going great.
So this week was Elder Hunts birthday so i did what i always do for birthdays: i woke up early and covered our room in streamers and didn't let him go more than ten minutes without a me saying something like "dude, its your birthday!" He seemed to have a great day. i even gave him a Disc golf disc i found in a lake. he really appreciated it.
so this week as far as productivity is concerned was fantastic! I've mentioned that we have been doing so much work finding people to i guess "work on" and now we have finally started to do the work. We had a big list of people for visits and we ended up inviting like a ton of people to church and finding a bunch of youth we want to get into YM/YW and cub scouts. At church we had two of our newest investigators which is really great and things continue to progress with everyone. no one is set for baptism yet but it is just a matter of time. i love being a missionary and I'm looking forward to this next transfer. hope everyone keeps up the good work! i gotta go invite some people to come unto Christ! cya later!

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