Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Westminster - Week 29

Hello Again!
So life is going great with Elder Martinha. We get along super well and tons of fun. We have set some goals to start increasing our finding efforts in the upcoming weeks because the old investigators aren't.... well progressing fast enough. Were pretty excited to get some good tracking in and start working much more with the members. We know that if we can get a good program running with the members that missionaries down the road could see a lot of success. I’m not saying that this is a bad area at all but it definitely has a lot of potential.
This week we had interviews with the President and Elder Martinha went first. That morning we were thinking about things we could ask President Ely and Elder Martinha couldn’t think of anything. During his studies he asks me why I thought Nephi never had a beard in any of his pictures and I didn’t really have an answer so I said he should ask President. Well he did! I didn’t think he would but President Ely laughed and said he didn’t really know and that he should look up his age at the time when all the settings are depicted. It was a fun interview. During mine he asked some questions around interesting scenarios and how I would respond and then the rest was just talking. Eventually we brought up the craziness of getting used to a car area and how many miles we wasted the first week. Well President Ely asked if we had a bike rack for our car and when I said we didn’t  he gave us his approval and said we could run the idea past the mission office vehicle coordinators. Well when I told the vehicle coordinators that President Ely thought it was a good idea that was all they needed to convince them. So we will soon have a bike rack installed on our car!!! Me and Elder Martinha are both really excited and we are trying to find Elder Martinha a bike. Life should be pretty fun pretty soon!
Well I still love being a missionary and all the people I get to serve! Hope you all have a great week! Love you!!
-Elder Taylor Peterson

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