Thursday, January 20, 2011

Westminster - Week 28

Hello everyone!
Life is good! It’s a sunshiny day and I’m in a short sleeve shirt! Most of the snow is gone and it looks like spring is right around the corner. Too bad its JANUARY! What’s up with this!? I swear it only snowed like once and it was back to warm within a couple days. We did get down to the single digits a week ago but they bounced right back. I was talking to an older member who we were going to do service for and we had to cancel a week ago because of the snow but she just kept say “we'll have to do it next week because of the snow" and I was like haha like it won’t still be there. Snow stays on the ground for awhile... Well were heading over after lunch today. This Colorado weather is weird.
Elder Martina and I are getting along GREAT! We have been having so much fun and been accomplishing a lot. We taught 20 lessons last week and I can already see how both of our teaching skills are improving. We’re teaching with unity and we are able to explain this according to the needs of those we teach. I think we have our friend Wilson to thank for all the practice.
I don’t think I mentioned this last week but we needed someone to practice teaching so we made Wilson. For some reason our basement is full of random balls and one of them happened to be a "Wilson" brand volley ball (like from the movie Cast Away). We also found an old three piece suit in our closet. Well with a few pillows and blankets, Wilson is currently sitting in a chair in the basement pondering our last reading assignment waiting for our next appointment during companionship study. ...we're pretty weird.
Well like I said life is great and I love being a missionary. I have a few elders waiting for me to drive them home so I got to go. I love you all and hope that the lord is helping you with all your endeavors (and just so you know all you have to do is let him help). Love you all and I pray for you! Bye!
Elder Peterson

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