Saturday, January 15, 2011

Westminster - Week 27

Hello Everyone,
What a week! It has been really hard but at the same time really fun. Okay I have been getting a couple of questions about where my new address will be. It is still the Mission Office and will be the same for the rest of my Mission. I’m actually now just down the street from the Mission office now and should only take an additional day to get my mail which is okay.
My new companion! Elder Martina! I met him on Tuesday. He is a little taller than me and also a larger build. He is originally from Brazil but has spent the past 11 years in Utah. He is awesome. We have been laughing so much and have both been learning a lot from each other.
Most of this week was spent getting lost and meeting our members and investigators. I bought a GPS on Tuesday and I am so glad that I did. It has saved our lives and made everything so much easier. This new area for me actually had two `baptisms last month so we need to refill our "teaching pool" so that we can find so more people to baptize.
I think that I have prayed more this week than any other week so far. The nights before I met Elder Martina I must have woken up like three times during the night and rolled over to say another prayer and I think it really helped. I have also felt those little promptings for those little things that I might be forgetting and that Elder Martina doesn’t even know about and I’m immediately thankful that the Holy Ghost is our third and senior companion. Life is going great and unfortunately there are 4 other missionaries waiting for me to drive them to lunch. I love you all and I still love being a missionary. Hopefully I can write some letters today! LOVE YOU ALL TONS!
-Elder Peterson 

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