Monday, January 3, 2011

Transfer - Week 26

Hello Everyone,
What a week! A lot of things are changing right now and I don’t even know where to start. I said last week that transfers where today so at the end of last week President Ely was making his usual calls to give people their assignments, like senior companion and district leaders. Well, I was sitting in bed right before studies when he called. I saw his name and RAN to the bathroom where Elder Brandenburg was, banged on the door and answered the phone. President Ely starts talking to me and asked if I would accept the assignment he was about to give me and of course I was thinking that I was going to be a senior companion and I said yes, but he asked me to be a trainer this transfer!!!!!!! I was so over whelmed that I literally said "wait, did you say trainer?" ha-ha. Well since that moment I have been going through a constant cycle of excitement and freaking out.
I was thinking that I would end up staying in the Parkwood Ward while I train as I think I actually know what I’m doing around here, but guess what, Saturday night I found out that I’m actually getting moved to Westminster! (That is a city closer to Denver and next to Arvada) I’m white washing an area with a new missionary my first transfer out of my greenie area!! (By the way, most of the "!" are me like freaking out)
Well its definite going to be an interesting experience next transfer. I have been putting a lot of thought into how I’m actually going to handle all these new situations and actually feel more confident. I’m not as nervous as the other days and now I’m just getting excited.
OH NO, l forgot to mention the worst part! I’m getting moved to a car area! It’s looking like I’m going to be driving and my new companion and I’m going to have to figure out how that works (keeping track of miles, clean/ waxing it, assisted backing). I guess that means no more humming action movie music as we race to our next appointment since my companion will actually be able to hear me. Ha-ha.
I guess the car might be just in time because we got the first big snow storm this week. The snow removal stinks in Fort Collins compared to Utah or Massachusetts. Most streets won’t be able to be plowed all winter; we mostly ride on packed snow. I guess all that time spent practicing almost falling won’t be much use anymore.
I spent most of Sunday saying good bye to some of my favorite people that I have met in the area. Elder Brandenburg wanted to make sure we saw most of the investigators so that I could tell them about how cool the next Missionary to replace me was going to be, so we did that too. I love this ward and I’m really going to miss it and almost more I’m going to miss Elder Brandenburg. We have been having so much fun! I think we play UNO almost every evening before bed. He is awesome.
By the way thank you for the wonderful Christmas gifts. They are great. The games have already been super fun and the dictionary has already been used to define many big words out of Jesus the Christ. You are all great.
Well right now everything at the house is packed (and it all fit in my suitcases which is amazing) and I get on the transfer van around 3 PM. My new missionary companion probably flew in a couple hours ago and I will meet him in Denver tomorrow morning. After President Ely has shared some thoughts with the trainers and trainees separately, he lines up the trainers outside the door and introduces each companionship one by one. I actually can’t wait for that part. This will really be a lot of fun.
Well I’m sorry if this letter has been pretty scatter brained. It’s been a great week and the future hold a lot of exciting things; I love and miss you all! Talk to you next week!
"Preach the gospel at all times- if necessary, use words"
- I’m not sure who said this
 -Elder Peterson

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