Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 25

Hi Family!
I’m glad to hear you finally are getting snow! We are still pretty warm here. I was sweating in my coat on the way here but that was because we were all going pretty fast. ALSO, I FELL. I crashed on the sidewalk on the way here. I slid off the curb and knew I was done for. I don't think I even had stopped sliding before I heard the other elders laughing. It’s okay though because I would laugh at them too. I should be able to fix the holes made in my pockets because of all the stuff in them and my hand has stopped bleeding. So all in all it’s already starting out to be an exciting day!
So Christmas was great. Of course talking to the family and all the people we were able to visit. Turns out we made too many cookies! Who knew that over 100 would be hard to all give away. The people we did visit really appreciated them though. My favorite part was when we told them we were giving them to our favorite families because they seemed to be so touched. Life is great in Fort Collins and I’m pretty sure we have a baptism in the making. The only problem is that I find out on Saturday if I get transferred so if you don’t hear from me next Monday it is because I’m on the move. Hope everyone is enjoying the winter break! MISS YOU ALL merry Christmas!
-Elder Peterson

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