Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 22

Hello family!
This has been a pretty great week. I feel like I have definitely learned a lot. We have been working a lot with people that have a lot of needs and do some pretty crazy things to try and fulfill them. When I say crazy I guess I mean that they just seem different from the choices I would make. Elder Brandenburg and I heard a talk by a man named Hyrum Smith (not Joseph Smith’s brother) and he talked about how if you understand the principles that govern a person’s life, we can determine their actions. People establish beliefs in order to satisfy their needs. Beliefs are not always correct. One belief that we sometimes see is because someone wants to be loved so they can’t admit to doing things that would upset those around them.  So they end up lying about their actions. That does not satisfy the need over time. Sorry, I don’t know if this really makes sense coming from me but if you listen to the talk "the belief window" it all will. I defiantly recommend it.
Well there’s still no snow on the ground which definitely makes it easier to ride our bikes. There was a strip of black ice that did form at an intersection that I decided to practice crashing on. It was a pretty successful crash if I do say so myself. Everyone in the cars that were at the stoplight was staring at me, but I just stood up and waved because I was okay. Well it was a great week and we are actually making a lot of progress in the Ward and with the investigators. I hope everything is great back home and abroad! Miss you all!
-Elder Peterson

This was taken at Zone Conference. Taylor is to the left of the guy holding the "FC" sign (Fort Collins). Seriously, Isn't my brother way cute?! ahh, I miss him!

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