Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today in the mail, my family received a "post card". If you can call it a post card? Our missionary decided to send us a letter on a dollar bill. It was so fun to get! He had told us before that you can send anything in the mail postcard-style and so he has been. He sent another person a letter written on the back of an old Colorado license plate. He's pretty creative. :)

It reads:
Hey Family!
So the other day I was reading in D&C 84:103 and I realized that the other day a lady gave us money on the street and I'm apparently supposed to send it to you guys! haha I spent the other $9, but you can have this one if you want (I don't know if it's worth anything though haha). Well life is going great here and Elder Brandenburg and I are keeping the work moving along. I am however still waiting for Killer Bunnies and some Christmas Music! Send it soon! I am sooo excited! I love you all and wish you a happy Christmas Season!
Tons of love!
- Elder Peterson

Killer Bunnies is a card game that he was OBSESSED with before he left for his mission. He played it all the time, brought it to friends houses, and bought every "expansion pack" there is. Once he found out that he could have it while on the mission to play on P-Days, he sent us an e-mail begging for us to send it to him! He said that he had already gotten his fellow missionaries excited to hang out and play it.
I love my brother :) He's pretty much the best brother in the world.
- Jordyn

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