Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 23

Hello again!

I hope the Christmas season is going great you all! I’m loving it. We still haven’t had any snow and this morning I was getting over heated on my way to the library. It doesn't look like we’re going to get a white Christmas but that’s okay. We still get to enjoy all the lights that are all over town.

So our investigators are doing pretty well. The man we are working with is actually making a lot of progress. This is the man that we are helping recently to quit drinking. He is a cool guy, 53 years old, but unfortunate while he was drunk he wasn’t really honest with us but he came to church for the 4th time yesterday and actually seemed sober!-for the first time! There is a lady in the Ward actually coaching him through the whole de-tox thing so it seems to be working out great. He really wants to get baptized, we just need to help him out with a few things first. I can’t wait, if he gets baptized it will change his life for the better. He will become surrounded by people that he can serve with. He would make a wonderful member. I’m getting really excited for him because if he can actually make it to baptism I know that the church with change his life forever. It is such a wonderful feeling to think about all the things he could do if he's a member! He could get the Priesthood and participate in the sacrament, participate in home teaching and so much more. Christ's church truly has so much to offer.

Oh yeah I got the packages on Saturday (we sent him a box with a 12 days of Christmas theme. Each present has a scriptural reference and the gift “matches” the scripture). That is so cool! Elder Brandenburg opened the first one and he didn’t get the connection at all. I was laughing pretty hard because he opened the one with the Snickers in it and although it was a pretty clever pun, it went way over his head. Ha-ha! I tried to explain the meaning of the word but eventually we had to pull out a English to Dutch dictionary to finally get it. It was great. He keeps saying that my family is mocking him. Ha-ha, he is so funny.
And Killer Bunny’s is a huge hit (a rather addictive card game he asked us to send him. He and his friends played in a lot before Taylor left for his Mission). The entire district loves it. They can’t wait to play today. Thank you so much for sending it! I will be forever grateful. 

So this brings me to my next thought, this Christmas season is possibly the best time to seek our own missionary opportunities. If we truly love this gospel then we should each feel that we want to share it unhindered. I had countless opportunities before my mission to share it and I know that I was capable to, we all are. I just let myself hold myself back. Don't ever make those mistakes. On some occasions people will even ask about the church, just bare your testimony. On other occasions you will see the opportunity and feel the promptings. Go with it. Doctrine and covenants 18:10, 15-16 states that if we should bring one soul unto Christ, how great should be our joy and if we bring many...its impossible to described. Most opportunities won’t end in a convert, at least in this life. But I can promise that a day will come will they will turn to you and say "thank you for sharing that little message with me, it made all the difference." 

You are all awesome. Keep up the good work! Love you all. 

--Elder Peterson

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