Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 21

Hello Everyone,
Thanksgiving was great out here! We spent the morning with our investigator helping her prepare for her party while we also "discussed God". She is a great investigator, very religious, and loves talking with the missionaries. We actually just recently started teaching the real lessons to her (rather than just discussing questions) and she has suddenly become a lot more interested. We’ll see how that goes. We spent the afternoon at a member’s home who always invites a bunch of members and nonmembers so we got to socialize a lot. This was actually Elder Brandenburg’s first Thanksgiving and has newly discovered love for pumpkin pie! He said that the weirdest thing was the purple stuff that he couldn't figure out what it was and what to do with it. He was talking about cranberry sauce which was too tart for his taste so he ended up mixing it in with his potatoes so he could actually stand it.
We actually got that same investigator from last week to come to church again. Sunday was great with some wonderful talks and lessons about the gift of gratitude. Since then our investigator hasn't stopped thanking us for all the great things we are doing for him. This guy loves us missionaries and has already asked if we could baptize him. i said sure but we first need to help him understand what the Book of Mormon is and get him some good members to fellowship him.
So this week has been pretty good and it did snow last night. Most of it melted and now there is just super cold wind that almost blows bicyclists off the road...but don’t worry, it just makes the days more adventurous! I hope everything is great back home! I’ve almost been out for a quarter of my mission! I’m going to be dead soon! (Aka I’ll be home before I know it)  
Miss you all tons!
-Elder Peterson

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