Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 20

Hello everyone!

So we just started a new transfer and I’m still in the Parkwood Ward with Elder Brandenburg and we are still having a good time. This week it feels like we got a lot accomplished. We found a new investigator and got him to come to church. He's going through a rough time and really enjoyed our service. That was a real treat for us. We just happened to meet him on the street and the next thing we know he was asking where our church met and what time! We have already taught the first lesson.

We also had a few other fun experiences this week too. If you have ever been to Country Buffet you noticed that all the waiters are nicely dressed in dark pants white shirts and tie. We blended right in. I didn't even notice that I was dressed like them but people kept asking me were food was. A little Asian lady eventually asks me what something was and all I could say was "looks like some type of chicken". I think she was expecting a better answer than that but thankfully another missionary saved me and told her I didn’t really work there. Afterwards I was laughing really hard because I was so confused why everyone kept talking to me. It was a fun day.

Another funny thing was that the members whose house we are living in were watching TV in the other room and I started hearing voices that I recognized. I couldn't remember who those men were on the TV show then I heard another voice and immediately recognized the voice of Norm Abram. They were watching This Old House! I have you to thank for that one, Dad ha-ha.

Well this next week looks like its shaping up to be pretty fun with Thanksgiving and all. We have been invited to a couple families’ houses and I’m really excited. I hope everyone can enjoy this season of thanks!

Have a great week and I miss you all!

-Elder Peterson

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