Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 18

Hi Everyone,
So sorry I missed my email last week. The computer at the Library cut me off and I couldn’t send it. Anyway...so this week was pretty great! It got cold then it got warm again so I’m happy! Anyway Elder Brandenburg and I have been doing pretty great, we get along really well but we tend to argue about whose country is better and he usually wins by saying something like "well even if your food pyramid is more detailed with more categories, you’re still not as healthy as the Netherlands". We argue about random things but we laugh a lot.
Oh yeah, I have recently decided that daylight savings time is my new favorite holiday. It is amazing! Sleeping in for an extra hour was great, but something that I never thought would ever happen happened... I woke up without an alarm clock. It was okay though, I used to say you can’t enjoy sleeping in unless you’re awake for it so that was good.
As for the missionary work, things are still moving along. We get to do a lot of service during this fall season and our investigators are doing pretty well. Of course there are a lot of obstacles that we are working through right now but things are progressing. One of our investigators who we were thinking about dropping has suddenly decided she wants to read the entire Book of Mormon, so that was great news. We’ll see how everything else keeps moving.
Well life is great and missionary work makes life worth living. But quick thought; will time keep moving this fast after I get home? If so, I’m gunna be an old man really soon. ha-ha. Well I miss you all from back home and i hope life is good. Thank you for all your prayers!
  --Elder Peterson

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