Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 17

There wasn't a family email to post this week, but I will post something from my personal E-mail from my brother...

"Okay, so I have had something really big on my mind! I was sitting in church yesterday in the back and I saw all the little kids looking around and back at me and stuff. So... there are some little kids that are super cute but then there are some that are not! Like not horribly un-cute but just not as cute as the others! Were we cute little kids!? Is the next Peterson generation going to have adorable little kids in it?! haha I was kinda distracted during sacrament meeting as you can tell... Anyway, do a study, figure out if our genetics will give us ugly pudgy babies or not haha. I'm sure you could figure it out! "
All I can say, is at least he isn't looking at the GIRLS in his ward! 
- Jordyn 

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