Monday, October 25, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 16

Hello Everyone,
This week has been really fun. Elder Brandenburg and I have been laughing a lot during studies and were definitely improving our unity and teaching skills. President Ely actually asked Elder Brandenburg to start language studies in the morning to improve his accent. He has great grammar, were just working on pronunciation. I'm doing my best to mold him into a proper American! So far he says things like "aunt" rather than "ant" and I decided that he should say "root" rather than "route". It’s cool because he thinks just because I say it one way that it’s right! ha-ha. But seriously were going to start memorizing scripture mastery for language study.
Did I ever mention that it is still warm here? Well it is and there are some days we don’t even need coats. It’s pretty sweet. People are saying that were in the middle of some heat thing and that as soon as it passes the fall season, were going to have snow. I might buy some gloves. Oh yeah we had interviews this week and president Ely gave me some a hat and earmuffs and when the other elders saw it they laughed because they said it meant that I would be on bike all winter long. They were actually someone just donated them for the missionaries and I laughed too but I feel like I might be on a bike through the winter. We’ll see how that goes.
Well today is starting to turn pretty overcast and windy so I hope things aren’t changing yet. I hope you all have a great week and I’ll write you all next week!
(p.s. that family that came last week ended up coming again to see their son in the primary program! Some members even had a birthday party for his dad too! we talked to them about marriage and we have a bit of work to do but were doing our best!) 

-Elder Peterson

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