Friday, October 22, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 15

Hi Everyone,
OK so it has been a crazy week getting to know Elder Brandenburg. His accent makes him sound so serious but he sometimes has the funniest comments that make me break out laughing. He is a great missionary and we both have a strong desire to do missionary work.
For this week I had to basically lead our companionship everywhere and made most of our plans because I know the area. We visited all our old investigators and we actually had some great successes! Remember that couple that isn’t married and has a couple little kids? Well they came to church and had a great time! The father said he could really relate to the lesson on faith in Elder's quorum, Gospel Essentials was about Family Relationships (i.e. Marriage) and they were able to sit all the way through Sacrament meeting. They even got invited to a member’s home for dinner with us and it was great way to get them fellow-shipped. Aaron the 6 year old was singing the primary songs he learned for the program next week and the member we had dinner with is even picking him up for the primary activity and rehearsal on Saturday! They're all excited because Aaron is going to be able to sing for his dad on his dad's birthday! Yesterday ended better than we could have possibly expected.
The crazy thing was that the night before when we taught a lesson and invited them to church; the father said that he couldn't go to church saying it was too uncomfortable, he felt out of place. Well we could tell that there was something else and we followed the promptings of the spirit the best we could to help him. After a very powerful conversation, expressed his feelings about his past and how he was already "too far off the road" to come back. The spirit was really strong and we said a lot of different things and I left wondering if I had really done everything I was supposed to. Well I promised Aaron, the little boy, that I would bring him a tie for church tomorrow so that morning I woke up early to take and old tie, folded it over to make it thinner, sewed the back to hold it together and cut it to make it shorter just for him. We brought it over before church and to our amazement they were all already dressed in their Sunday best and ready to go. That was the start of that awesome Sunday.
Well thank you for listening to me express my excitement for this week. I hope everything is going great back home and I want to encourage you all to help any investigator you meet to feel comfortable. It REALLY helps. I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!
Also I wanted to let EVERYONE know my address is changing! It is now...
Elder Taylor L Peterson
Colorado Denver North Mission
1250 Main Street
Broomfield, Colorado  80020
^ exactly like that! Let everyone know!

-Elder Peterson

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