Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 14


Hi Everyone,
This week has been much like the last few with days were Elder Shearer felt a little too sore in the morning to do a whole lot. He wasn't being lazy, the physical therapy and bike riding wore him out. Well that all going to change because I have a new companion!!!! Elder Shearer has been made a district leader and actually moved two wards over; he will be my district leader and have a car. He is a little nervous having more responsibility but I think he will do great.
Well right now I have spent the past three months within the Parkwood Ward which is only like 6 square miles. It is in the Fort Collins Stake so if you go to Fort Collins Colorado and look for the streets College, Prospect, and Horsetooth, that are our ward boundaries. Prospect is the northern border, Horsetooth is the southern and College is the western. We kind of go off into infinity to the west so I don't know where that ends. The members’ house where I am currently living is 512, Cortez CT and we’re real close to the church which is in the corner of Stover and Swallow. Let me know if you find it! Also Elder Shearer go hit at the intersection of Lamay and Stover. Check it out on Google Earth!
Anyway my new companion is Elder Brandenburg. He is from the Netherlands!!! He has a strong accent, is 23 years old like Elder Shearer, mathematics major, is amazing at Chess, and that is just what I’ve learned from the past hour. He has been on his mission for 6 months and this is his first transfer as senior companion. I am also the first American companion he has had. He told me stories of his Mexican companion and him tracking where neither of them understood the person on the door step. This is totally going to be a whole new experience for me. I'll be planning most of everything because this is still my area and I know what is going on. I'm a little nervous but I think we are both going to grow as missionaries from it. Life as a missionary is about to change for me but I still love it. i hope everything is going great back home! Have a great week!
-- Elder Peterson

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