Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 13

Hello Everyone!
So this has been a hard week for Elder Shearer. We actually went to a chiropractor who had us go and get x-rays that night to see if it would be safe to do any adjustments. We took care of that; had a slow day Tuesday and on Wednesday we went back in for an adjustment. That all goes well but a few hours later Elder Shearer is in horrible pain and we don't know why. The chiropractor calls that afternoon and says that he took a better look at the x-rays and thinks he saw something. He double checked with a radiologist we confirmed that he has a fracture in his spine. At our Mission President's orders, the chiropractor sets up a CT scan at the hospital within the hour. It was weird actually being a patient rather than a visitor, the receptionist was pulling out the book of patients listed by their religion like she usually did before we said we needed to check in. Thursday, Elder Shearer is still stiff and in pain so I don’t remember doing much that day. Friday is when the chiropractor gives his opinion which has since been proven false. Anyway he said things like Elder Shearer wouldn’t be able to run long distance ever again, that his dreams of running a marathon and an ironman were shot and that surfing back in California would be painful. You can imagine how that went over. Well after all this we visit a real orthopedic doctor who calms all of Elder Shearer's fears. So it has been an interesting week.
Well I can say I loved watching conference and I think I took more notes than I ever remember taking before. I learned a lot and we even got some investigators to come to some of the sessions. Also we hear about transfers this week and its starting to look like Elder Shearer will need to be moved to a car area so it looks like I might remain in my greeny area for another 6 weeks. Either way I still love the people that live here and it has been so much fun. I can’t wait for us to get back on our feet and get back to work. I love being a missionary and I am so thankful for every blessing I receive. Thank you for all your support!       
-Elder Peterson

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