Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fort Collins - week 12

Okay, this has been a pretty intense week. We have been out of commission for most of the weekend because Elder Shearer got hit by a car! He is perfectly okay right now besides the whiplashes in his back so don’t worry. Well last Thursday we were at a crosswalk and we were waiting for the signal to cross. We did exactly what we were supposed to and we even waited for a few seconds before we hopped on our bikes and started to cross. Well this was a bigger street with five lanes and the middle was a turning lane. Anyway the cars in the first lane to our right had stopped and Elder Shearer was proceeding when this little old lady in the second lane was running the red light. She didn’t see the light, didn't see the lane of stopped cars next to her, but luckily saw Elder Shearer at the last second. She hit her brakes which gave Elder Shearer just enough time to get his body out of the way of the car. She did however clip his back wheel and sent him spinning on a full 360 off to the side of her car. I was behind Elder Shearer and the 90 year old lady when right between us. She eventually comes to that a stop in the middle of the intersection.
So you can imagine the first thing that went through my mind as I heard the collision. "Oh crap, my companion is dead" pretty much sums that up. Well luckily that thought only lasts less than a second since he lands on his feet pretty much standing on his fallen bike. I suddenly realize how crowded the intersection is and look toward the trembling old lady who can barely speak after all that happened. I felt pretty bad for her but I’m so happy that the whole thing wasn’t a lot worse.
Later that day we marveled at how blessed we are. If Elder Shearer did move as fast as he did he could have taken the full blow of the car. If I had been a couple feet closer I would have had a similar fate. Elder Shearer's bike just needed a couple pieces replaced and is still in good working order. All that he is dealing with now is the whiplash in his back and the 24 hour flu he had on Saturday. Yeah, I felt really bad for him because he was drugged up, with back pains and throwing up with a fever. I did start teaching myself to play the piano with my days off. I can now read from the simplified Hymnbook without looking at my fingers! I even got to go on some exchanges and teach a lesson to an investigator with a member.
 Okay back to our blessings. Elder Shearer said "I’m so glad we said a prayer this morning" and I felt the same way. We are blessed beyond what i we can actually imagine and I know that. I love being a missionary and being able to be a servant of the lord. I love all the great things I get to do and all the people I am able to serve. I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!   
-Elder Peterson

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