Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 6

Hi everyone!

Life is still great being a missionary. This week was a normal week. Mostly we have just been trying to find more people to teach but we did make our goal of teaching 20 sit down lessons to investigators and members! Since it is my fifth week I am senior companion. I’m actually really excited since I plan to get a lot accomplished this week (just like every other week) and I'm just really excited for the opportunity. Oh yeah and if you were wondering about that guy Steve... I may have mentioned that he is on the run from the federal government and if I see him I have to report him sadly. He is still a great guy and Elder Shearer and I still pray about him all the time.

Today was actually an awesome P-day. We woke up at 6 and some other Elders were at the house at 7 and we all went on a mountain biking trip up to Horsetooth rock in Fort Collins! (google it!) We made it all the way to the top on the tooth farthest to the right. It was hard to get up and terrifying to ride down but still so much fun. We took tons of pictures and I will have to find a way to send them home. On the way down I hit a huge bump and I was going way too fast. I almost biffed it and everything in my side pockets of my backpack flew into the air! I almost fly over my handlebars and smell burning rubber as I stop to pick up my stuff. We continue down the mountain and Elder Shear and I have disc brakes and they were burning up because we rode them all the way down. Sadly, Elder Shears bike started to break at the top of the mountain and now he can’t shift gears. I told him that if we went to a hardware store, got some screws and some duck tape I could fix it but he wants a professional to do it but I’m A-Okay with that.
Well I love being a missionary and I love the people I serve with. The members here are so cool and they each have their own awesome traits. Thank you all for everything and I miss you!

-Elder Peterson

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