Monday, August 9, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 6

Hi everyone!
I have had another great week in the mission field. I don't know how many exciting things really happened this week besides some good news about an guy that we met tracting. His name was Jeremy Wood and we met him like a couple weeks ago going door to door.he is only 20 but he came to the door and he let us start teaching him on the doorstep. This was the first time anyone had ever let us do this and Elder Shearer just let me babble on as I got my thoughts in order. Anyway, he must have been able to keep up with what we were saying because he listened pretty intently and his eyes even went wide when we talked about certain things like the first vision and even the singles ward. The whole meeting went really well but when we left we had to give all his information to our zone leaders since they have jurisdiction over the young single adults (Like I told you before). We didn't hear anything back until two nights ago, when the zone leaders left a message saying "Thanks for the awesome contact with Jeremy!" and that he was already set for baptism in the up coming month. When we heard that news, Elder Shearer and I jumped up and yelled with a perfect high-five. I was amazed at how excited I was and I can't wait for more opportunities! It's been a good week.  
 I just want to remind everyone how awesome missionary work is and to always look for your own opportunities to share the gospel each day. I love you all and have a great week!

-Elder Peterson

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