Monday, August 2, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 5

Hey family!
Life if still going awesome! I really like being a missionary and all the fun stuff we get to do. Guess what! We had another baptism this week. Her name is Martha and she has been investigating for a long time and just got up and decided she wanted to become a member on Saturday. She gave us 48 hours notice but we made it work. If you're keeping track, that's two weeks, two baptisms. 
This week we had to move to a new members home across town. It's not as roomy as our old home, but Elder Shearer and I made it work. We also had Zone conference up in Wyoming on Saturday and I got to better know my district and my zone. President Ely presides at zone conference and we just teach each other all day. The first teaching things are random and are chosen by the president. President Ely chose Elder Shearer and I for a presentation and besides going for too long, I think we did pretty good.
Well I wish I did more than move this week because nothing super cool really happened. We did alot of tracting and actually got a couple people that said we could come back. One guy who was like 20 let us teach him the whole first lesson on the doorstep and actually seemed really interested. Sadly, we have to yield any young single adults to other missionaries under their jurisdiction, but it was still a cool experience.
Oh yeah, Steve went to prison because he didn't like authority or something like that but GUESS WHAT, he ran... we called the halfway house and they said he wasn't there anymore. We didn't know what that meant so we went to check it out and we were interrogated by federal marshals. The rules are that as missionaries we have to report him if we see him. It's sad because he really wanted to be baptised and was serious about the church. He just had a really bad week and it ended with him not coming back. We were disappointed.

oh yeah, I'm now using my awesome outer space bedsheets! They don't supply them for us in this new house so now the room glows with spaceships and planets! They make Elder Shearer laugh every night. My bike is also pretty sweet! It is a diamondback response. I got it off nashbar (dad, you can see it all in the email you got) it might be the nicest bike I have ever ridden.

I wish I could think of more to write about, thank you all for your letters! Hope the summer is still going awesome! I love you all!

-Elder Peterson

**We got this and immediately responded and had a chat through e-mail**
Jordyn - you there?!!?

Elder Peterson - yes but I have to go soon

Jordyn -  I'm in your room cleaning up. Grandma comes tomorrow. but I love you and sounds like you're having a great time! I love you so much! The guys are all doing great. Nevin shared his testimony yesterday and I think everyone, even Austin, had fun at efy. They both did the musical program at efy and Josh is still hanging out with them. Love you!

Elder Peterson - haha that's awesome. Did you get my letter with your blessing? (I, Jordyn, had sent him a letter with a copy of my patriarchal blessing because he never had a chance to read it. He copied it small  so that I could put it in my scriptures)

Jordyn - Yes I did! thank you so much! All of the girls are here now! We all love you! and we are all in our pajamas still and just hanging out.

Elder Peterson - hah nice I have like three more mins. Why are you in pajamas?

Jordyn - We have just been cleaning and stuff. Have you gotten a lot of letters and packages? 

Elder Peterson - A couple from like Linsey, Tiffy, and Krissy. That's it since the MTC. I love you guys!

Jordyn - love you too! have a great week! We'll all write you soon! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE!!! (This had a super embarrassing picture of his 3 sisters that we took attached to it - no make up, pajamas, and grossness)

Elder Peterson - haha you guys are awesome!!

Jordyn - Don't show anyone that picture.... wait until next week for some better ones :) We'll send you some copies too haha

Elder Peterson - Um too late, they saw. I love you guys! Bye!!

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