Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Greeley Week 47

Hello Everyone,

Elder Samiu and I have had a great week. Our mission president had his last zone conference with us and as always we left being filled with the spirit and a reenergized drive for the work. Memorial Day was really fun too. We got invited to a couple barbeques and since it was our p-day we we're able to just hang out with some cool families in the ward. I did eat a ton however. 
So something kind of exciting happened yesterday. We got a message form the church referral system that came directly from mormon.org. Someone had entered in the name address and phone number and put in the message "I used to be a member and I want to come back." She did this Sunday; we got the message Monday and met with her Monday night. We visited for a while and she is actually really excited to make this change. We ended our meeting by sharing a short message about the blessings of the spirit she will receive because of what she is doing. I’m trying to express how excited I am for her. A lost sheep has decided to rejoin the 90 and 9! The blessings of the church are going to be available to her again. I think she has been ready for a while but it all came down to her pushing that button on sandy to send us that message. Whether we're teaching non-members, members or returning members, being able to help people come unto to Christ is such a great experience. Like I’ve said before, I love being a missionary. Life is good. I love my companion and the people I serve. Thanks for all your prayers!    

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