Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Westminster - Week 36

Hello world!
This week has been just as awesome as any other week, which is good. We got to do exchanges while I went to some leadership meetings so another missionary wore out Elder Hunt on bicycles Tuesday. We also enjoyed some great weather and we were able to contact a lot of less active families. The best part was that one of the families were a part member family and they said they were interested in becoming active which could eventually mean the wife will be baptized! We just faced a problem that I have experienced before with investigators, the whole not married thing, 5 kids, and several years.  Well it’s a common thing and they seem to have a desire and know what they need to do. We’re excited though.
So Elder Hunt has the privilege of being senior companion this week. That’s great because I know he is going to learn a lot a senior companion has to do and will probably do great things. I just get to sit back and make sure nothing horrible happens! Well we're already off to a great start this week. Our house is clean and so is our car. What more could we ask for?  Now we'll see how disc golf goes this afternoon. ha-ha. Well I hope you all have a great week and I miss you a ton! Bye!
--Elder Peterson

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