Friday, March 4, 2011

Westminster - Week 34

Hello Everyone!
I hope the week is going well for you all!  We almost had a little snow on Friday and I’ll admit that I wasn’t really used to the cold (yeah I’ve been spoiled) so I decided the next morning that I would just be wimp and wear some thermals. Well my companion and I both walk outside wearing jackets Saturday morning and it was in the 60s with a bright sun. It hit me kind of slowly; wait it’s not that cold, wait its warm, wait a second it’s really hot! I ended up tracting for 2 hours wearing thermals on a bright warm sunny day. It’s been fun to joke about that with people.
This week we met with a couple of investigators. One of them is an interesting guy whose pretty cool but is also a Sunday school teach for another church and a Born Again Christian. He has a really strong testimony of his own conversion to Christianity but he still loves meeting with us and discussing beliefs. It was interesting this last week because when we were talking to him, he brought out a Book of Mormon that was several years older than the ones we give away and it turns out that were not the first missionaries he's met with. He'd make an awesome teacher or even leader in the church; we just need to figure out how to crack him. We have the goal set by our Bishop for one baptism by the end of March. This goal is constantly on our minds and we are working to build the faith needed to find that person. I’m also super excited because we’re going to the Temple again on Friday. It should be an awesome experience. Hope life is going great for everyone! Love you all! Enjoy the week!
Oh yeah and thanks for the awesome package! That made the day!
-Elder Peterson

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