Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday, we received a letter from Elder Peterson with a memory card inside it full of pictures! Here are a few that were included. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do :)

Elder Peterson and Elder Shearer with a woman on her baptism day
Moving day. They moved from one home to a different one. Looks a little cramped...
On his P-days, Taylor and his companions like to bike ride. I like this picture haha
Taylor had mentioned helping some ducklings cross the road (you can find that story here) Cute!
Taylor and his companion, Elder Shearer
Colorado is so pretty!
Spring Canyon in Fort Collins, CO

We have so many pictures of them goofing off at the top of the mountain. Way funny!
Crazy view. Awesome!
My brother's cute :)

See what I mean? They like to mess around haha but it looks like they have fun!

The blog wont let me upload more pictures, so I'll upload some more next time. Most of the other ones are from the MTC. Stay tuned... :)

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