Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fort Collins - Week 10

Hey Everyone!
So yesterday Elder Shearer and I got a whole family to come to church! It was the couple who are not married, Maria and Gabriel and their two sons, Arron and Adrean.  It was a new experience because first of all we lost Gabriel. We had another family walk with them to church but the dad had to go to primary to teach and Gabriel got a little lost. We show up just a little bit after they arrive and couldn't’t find him anywhere. The rest of the family made it to their classes but he didn’t make it to Priesthood (we have a reversed order for Sunday than at the Lowell Ward). We eventually give up thinking he went home because he was lost and when Maria got out of Relief Society of course she wanted to know where he was. Luckily someone smart thinks to check nursery where Adrean was and there he was! Both Maria and Gabriel sat in on Gospel Principles class where our ward mission leader gave a great lesson. After that we made it to Sacrament and I got to sit next to them. I went through so much paper trying to keep their three year old occupied. He would scribble for ten seconds then want a new piece and he always wanted to rip it himself. It was actually a great Sacrament meeting where several converts shared their conversion stories and the ward mission leader gave another great talk. It was a great thing for investigators to hear and I hope they got a lot out of it.
This last week was a really great week. Our numbers this week were very close to The Standard of Excellence but of course Elder Sheaer and I always set goals a little higher than that so there is still room for improvement. Anyway we do have an excuse because we spent all day at zone conference on Friday. Zone conference was great. I got to see a bunch more of missionaries in the surrounding Stakes and we had a bunch of good lessons. My favorite part was when the APs (Assistants to the President) shared a thought near the end of the day. They are missionaries just like me and Elder Shearer but they are great example for the whole mission. They talked about how during their personal study they felt prompted to speak on a topic that would help the entire mission. They talked about walls and spiritual barriers that affect the missionaries each day. Basically it was a spirit driven motivational talks that said stop dwelling on your own weaknesses and your own doubts. We don’t have time to waste on our selves like that. This is the Lords’ work and we need to trust in him and turn to him to make our weaknesses stronger. 
That morning after seeing all the other missionaries with their own strengths and then unintentionally dwelling on my own weaknesses was not helping me or anyone else. Now as far as I am concerned this battle is the Lords’ and my weakness does not exist as long as I have faith that He is always there to help. I feel great and I already feel like a better missionary. I love the people I serve, this awesome ward and the great investigators.
I hope everything is great back home! I miss you all!     
-- Elder Peterson

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