Monday, July 11, 2011

Greeley Week 53

Hello everyone!
So we got to meet with president Toombs on Wednesday and he's bring some exciting new things to the mission. After like a 7 minute interview with all the missionaries in the stake he talked to all of us about himself and his plans. He has some great goals to keep the missionaries busy and he definetly is excited about the work. Hopefully he can get his ideas like an increase in ward leadership involvement moving so we can see them before we near the end of our missions. Also the church has done something interesting for all the missionaries worldwide. Each companionship now has a portable DVD player strictly for our studies so that we can watch training videos and other church media. All the return missionaries we tell this to kind of go into a state of confusion usually because they walked their whole mission without cell phones or didn’t even get to email from another country. It’s kinda a shock that the missionaries are actually progressing through the technological era even if we are 10 years behind. 
Well this week was pretty exciting because we finally met some investigators that were being taught be the old missionaries. We met a couple were one is a less active member and the girl is an investigator and the have a three kids. At one point she was pretty interested but then the missionaries found out they weren't married, sound familiar? Well we found out their actually getting married the end of this month! That’s one giant check off of our checklist and that means the family would be that much closer to partaking of the blessings of eternal families. ... Isn't that awesome!!!!!

The work is moving forward, we're working hard, and life is great. I love teaching this wonderful gospel.  

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