Monday, August 2, 2010

MTC - Week 2

Hi Family!

I miss you all and wish I could have been there for the 4th of July swim party. Mom, I am sorry to hear about your lip (Kim was bitten on the lip by a wasp). That sounds like a horrible experience but I wish I could see what your lip looked like after it happened haha. I hope everything is going well at home and that you guys don’t miss me too much =). Part of me is kind of glad that my friends miss me but the other part wishes they could just continue like nothing has changed. I don’t really need anything from home so don’t worry about me. I have been getting stuff from the book store with my discount like envelopes and a new missionary journal. (I just started my new journal today)
Everything has been awesome at the MTC. I have seen a couple missionaries I know but I’m getting along very well with the members of my district. They are all really cool and fun to be around. Elder Nielsen and I are continuously growing as a companionship and it is amazing how much we learn every day. For someone who never memorized a scripture before you would be surprised how many of them keep sticking in my mind and come out during our lessons! Everyone is feeling the same way and I think it is just part of the blessing of being a missionary.

I wish I had more to tell you but the MTC seems to be the same experience every day and it’s just basically following the rules and spending our time wisely. We had a devotional about the founding fathers and the restoration and we were allowed to see the fireworks but Elder Nielson decided he didn't want to see them since we would be late for bed (I think the fireworks remind him of too many other experiences... involving girls, something which he struggles with when he thinks about it, if that makes since (haha), but I was okay with missing the fireworks.

So I still love the MTC and everything is great. Elder Nielson and I are still growing as a companionship and learning to teach better and better each day. I did have another opportunity to give an elder in our district another blessing. He said he felt sick and wanted to talk to the branch president. After their talk the elder asked me to give the blessing. It was exactly what they talked about

-Elder Peterson  

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